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Aside from listing my previous work on my homepage I wanted to give readers an insight into my passion for film and television, specifically in the action genre. Here is where I’ll post about movies, scenes, facts, etc. that I find inspiration in. Thanks for visiting!

– Katrina Rotondo

  • Snatched your style
    While my preferred genre is action, each director/writer has their own style and I’m not going to love all of them. I adore people like Quentin Tarantino (obvs), David Leitch, Matthew Vaughn, etc. but we can’t love all styles. One highly acclaimed director that is not usually my jam is Guy Ritchie.  Let me state […]
  • Wishin’ I was a Protégé
    Guys, I finally saw it, The Protégé. It looked intriguing to me from the first time I saw the trailer. Bad ass woman? Check. From one of the studios that brought us John Wick? Check. Samuel freaking Jackson? Check!  It’s John Wick meets Atomic Blonde and ran into Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Maggie Q is […]
  • By Grabthar’s hammer ….my car will be avenged
    Hey Party People, I just got my car back TODAY so after an extremely long week, you’ll get one more throwback before I finally get to see The Protégé. This week I decided to come from left field a bit and give praise to one of my favorite Action/Comedies (but leaning more towards the comedy) Galaxy […]
  • A fun infographic about Action/Adventure films
  • I’ve Taken a trip to the past
    So, this week I’ve had some fun car trouble and to avoid a larger expense, have been apartment-ridden for the weekend. I anxiously want to see The Protégé but don’t necessarily want to take an Uber both ways (thank you surge pricing). That will now be a mid-week movie trip. With the banishment to my […]
  • Don’t go chasing cars away
    Let’s talk about car chases. Obviously, they’re popular, entire series have been created about them *cough* Fast & the Furious. Productions spend a lot of money to create them and I’ve been told they draw in the traditional “action movie fans.” But, are they actually good? Do they ever move the plot forward in a […]
  • Tarantino Tuesday
    I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to write an admiration post for the best of the best – Quentin Tarantino. Not only are his action scenes edge-of-your-seat worthy, but his character development is second to none. I went to a reading he was doing for his new book where he actually said he […]
  • Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting
    Yesterday I took a boxing class at BoxUnion. If you’re trying to feel like you’re in a training montage of a fun action flick, I highly suggest you check one out. You’ll be jab crossing your heart out and getting in a stellar workout at the same time. Of course, after the fact I did […]
  • I’m Free Fallin’ in Love
    Free Guy! Go see it. The end.  Just kidding, not the end, but go see it. I heard someone say recently “Ryan Reynolds is the same in every movie.” Yes, he is. He’s selling a brand. And apparently, I’m brand loyal.  The story is a totally new concept. While it is a video game movie, and we’ve […]
  • The Losers
    So, I watched 2 movies back to back last night because that’s what kind of weird I am. I first went to see Free Guy at the theaters, came home, and turned on The Losers on Netflix. Because of that, you’ll get two blog posts today! Let’s start with The Losers because it’s fresh in […]
  • One really confusing sequel title later
    So, THE Suicide Squad is the sequel to Suicide Squad. Which may just be the most confusing sequel title since The Fast and The Furious went Fast & Furious on us. No spoilers since the movie literally came out but I will say –  I liked how this movie gave Harley Quinn the permission to actually kill people. I really liked Birds of […]
  • Freaky Friday Fridays
    Pros to the film Freaky:  Some of the most unique “kill shots” I’ve ever seen. Really. Each death was pretty special and well thought out, really impressive.  Vince Vaughn was absolutely delightful. He played the part perfectly. It’s a twist on Scream, Friday the 13th and Freaky Friday, all classics and the movie pays homage to […]
  • Sir. The radar, sir. It appears to be…Jammed.
    Or maybe a different type of Jam, the kind in Space. Last night I watched Space Jam: A New Legacy. Let me start off by saying that this was NEVER going to top the original for me. I’m a millennial and loving the first Space Jam is my birth right.  Now that that’s out of the […]
  • My Happy Place
    This post is a bit different. Today I want to talk about a place rather than a film. For anyone living in or visiting the LA area I highly suggest watching a film at the New Beverly Cinema on Beverly Blvd. It is owned by my all-time favorite director (and since I met him last […]
  • A Jolt stronger than coffee
    Last night I watched Jolt on Amazon Prime. Basically, someone pisses off a woman with some serious rage issues and we’re along for the ride on her quest for revenge.  Not to spoil anything that isn’t already in the trailer, but to give you a sense of the plot, here’s a quick rundown –  Lindy […]
  • Wishing “Nobody” well wishes
    In March, after a crazy apocalyptic 12 months, I hadn’t gone to my favorite place in over a year (this place of course being a movie theater). When I finally was able to walk through those doors, wafting in that delicious popcorn scent, one of the first films I saw was Nobody.  Now, maybe it was […]
  • I’ll take 2 milkshakes, please.
    I first heard about Gunpowder Milkshake a few months back, it sounded cool, but I didn’t have high hopes. Then I saw that Quentin Tarantino was screening the film at his privately-owned movie theater in LA, the New Beverly and then I couldn’t be more excited. Plus, I got a text from my parents after […]
  • I rolled the dice
    This weekend I went to see Snake Eyes, an origin story in the G.I Joe series. This movie focuses on the film’s namesake, Snake Eyes. While I don’t have any strong affinity for the G.I Joe series, it looked like it would deliver some exciting fight sequences, and I’m part of the AMC Stubs reward […]
  • And so it begins…
    Let me introduce myself a bit, and share my film style preferences, so you can see if our tones align and if you want to continue reading because, hey, we might not like the same things and that’s okay! I love a good fight scene. The more creative the better. I’m talking John Wick using […]

What is Film Fight?

A space for readers to get a deeper understanding of my style, tone of voice, and passion in entertainment. I’ll discuss anything related to the action genre that inspires me. But for now, if you too ever imagine yourself living in an action movie, check out this Spotify playlist I found for your next workout.

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