I’ve Taken a trip to the past

So, this week I’ve had some fun car trouble and to avoid a larger expense, have been apartment-ridden for the weekend. I anxiously want to see The Protégé but don’t necessarily want to take an Uber both ways (thank you surge pricing). That will now be a mid-week movie trip. With the banishment to my apartment I checked out an old action film I remember really enjoying when it came out: Taken.

I remember watching it for the first time in high school, in the basement of my friend’s house eating junk food, already a great memory. And I remember watching Liam Neeson kick the ass of every person that stood in his way of find his daughter to be mesmerizing. He was invincible. He had only minor setbacks making it seem fairly easy to find someone that had been trafficked. Re-watching I ignored any flaws to the story/acting and was still highly entertained by Neeson’s “do whatever it takes” attitude.

To me it’s not exactly an A class movie, but higher than a B class movie too. If you’re looking for some mindless action that doesn’t require too much thinking (like any Guy Ritchie film) it’s a fun movie that lets you vicariously let out some pent up aggression. 

– Katrina Rotondo

One response to “I’ve Taken a trip to the past”

  1. I love how you are basically saying that movies don’t need to be A class to be enjoyable. I love going into movies with no expectations because I always enjoy them. I always enjoy great choregraphed fight scenes and of course Liam Neeson does a great job in the action role.


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