A Jolt stronger than coffee

Last night I watched Jolt on Amazon Prime. Basically, someone pisses off a woman with some serious rage issues and we’re along for the ride on her quest for revenge. 

Not to spoil anything that isn’t already in the trailer, but to give you a sense of the plot, here’s a quick rundown – 

Lindy (played by Kate Beckinsale) has been “different” ever since she was young. She had impulse control issues and would snap whenever she was annoyed, irritated, or mad, making her dangerous to other people and herself. Following the trope that all scientists are pretty much evil she is experimented on with drugs and becomes strong and has extremely fast reflexes. In sum, anger is her superpower. Now as an adult she wears an electric vest to subdue her violent impulses developed by her psychiatrist Dr. Munchin (Stanley Tucci).  Some bad people do some bad things, make her mad, and we get to see her in true action. 

The production value isn’t anything to marvel at. In fact, I think they spent it all on the Lamborghini. We see bad wigs and obvious back-lots. Even the action scenes weren’t anything inventive (except the “baby” scene which I thought was funny). But the overall idea was unique. 

Lindy acts in ways that we all secretly want to, whether it’s hitting guys in the street for making rude remarks or taking out someone’s sandwich on an overly crowded subway for eating it in a way that invade’s her personal space, it’s fun to live out destructive daydreams. She does what we’ve all thought about doing when we’re mad or annoyed. And part of the fun is her attitude about it. She knows it’s wrong, which is why she wears the vest, but sometimes she doesn’t want to fight her feelings. Especially because she tends to notice the bad/annoying side of people. 

I’d say give it a watch, you’ll most likely be on your phone half the time anyways so it’s a nice action-packed background movie with some charming scenes. At least, in the way I find scenes charming…

– Katrina Rotondo

One response to “A Jolt stronger than coffee”

  1. Great blog post! I always try to watch a film on Sunday evenings and now I know exactly what I’m going to stream. I appreciate your transparency regarding the production value of the film without detracting from the quality of the story. I am excited to see what Lindy and Jolt have to offer.


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