Wishing “Nobody” well wishes

In March, after a crazy apocalyptic 12 months, I hadn’t gone to my favorite place in over a year (this place of course being a movie theater). When I finally was able to walk through those doors, wafting in that delicious popcorn scent, one of the first films I saw was Nobody

Now, maybe it was the longing for the theaters that made me fall in love with it. Maybe that sensation would have made me even like Zoolander 2 (doubtful), but I choose to credit the movie itself. The story wasn’t anything truly remarkable, man hides his past “killin’ people days” from his family. We’ve seen that before. But it was funny, it was gory, the fight scenes made me feel like I was part of the action at all times, and frankly who doesn’t want to see an older Christopher Llyod owning some henchmen? It’s like if Home Alone and John Wick had a deranged baby. Seriously, the inciting incident could be boiled down to someone stealing a kitty cat bracelet. It’s fun without being predictable and gave me something I was truly craving without taking itself too seriously.

Adding this to David Leitch’s successes, he is now my favorite Producer. Having a stuntman POV has given him the tools to provide entertainment without having to rely on quick cuts and cliches. However, the true gem of the film is Bob Odenkrik. He is believable as the meek husband who hates his job, and he is just as believable as a man looking for a fight. He’s endearing and feisty, and has a dark sense of humor, all traits I look up to.

Having heard Bob is in the hospital after collapsing on set, I thought it was the right time to praise him for this film. Sending him all the good vibes to make a speedy recovery so he can start kicking ass again soon. He has a new loyal fan who would love to see what he does next. 

– Katrina Rotondo

One response to “Wishing “Nobody” well wishes”

  1. Hi Katrina, I am looking forward to watching this movie. I love Bob Odenkirk and I loved his performance in “Better Call Saul” and I will now have to look for information about him collapsing on set – that’s such sad news!


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