I’ll take 2 milkshakes, please.

I first heard about Gunpowder Milkshake a few months back, it sounded cool, but I didn’t have high hopes. Then I saw that Quentin Tarantino was screening the film at his privately-owned movie theater in LA, the New Beverly and then I couldn’t be more excited. Plus, I got a text from my parents after they had watched it saying “so many cool kill shots, we were thinking of you the whole time.” Which is so sweet. I knew I had to immediately watch it later that evening. And. It. Did. Not. Disappoint. 

Not only was it fun in a “I’m not going to take myself too seriously” sort of way, but the action scenes were mesmerizing. The best fight sequences use their surrounding to amplify the intensity. GM did that beautifully. The standout scene for me takes place in a bowling alley. The music is upbeat, and the action is set at a nice pace. Our hero uses the props to her advantage like the suitcase in her hand, the bowling lanes behind her, and of course, a bowling ball to cause maximum pain. It is delightful, I suggest watching the whole movie, but at the very least watch the scene here.

Of course, the cherry on top is badass women kicking ass. Karen Gillan just may be my new hero. 

– Katrina Rotondo

2 responses to “I’ll take 2 milkshakes, please.”

  1. Super fun review! I have been trying to allocate my watching time between TV series and showing “older” films to my movie-hungry 14-year old, (last night was Austin Powers, followed by Tig Notaro: Drawn (which is brilliant, btw.))

    I love a film that is just fully itself, badass and celebratory of it’s badassness. And while the trailers had me excited originally, it drifted into the cloud of “stuff to eventually see”. But your fun and energized review has put this flick squarely on my must watch list and I’ll partake this week.

    What’s something else that you saw recently that unexpectedly blew your mind?


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