Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting

Yesterday I took a boxing class at BoxUnion. If you’re trying to feel like you’re in a training montage of a fun action flick, I highly suggest you check one out. You’ll be jab crossing your heart out and getting in a stellar workout at the same time. Of course, after the fact I did the most LA thing and thought “I deserve an iced coffee now!” And after realizing I wouldn’t be able to walk into an actual store in my sweaty workout gear, I placed an App order at a Starbucks drive thru. That lead to a fitting scene for an antagonist where I proceed to wait in a stupidly long line just to pick up a drink I had already ordered and paid for. 

Moral of the story – Box to feel like a badass, but don’t ever, under any circumstances, order pick up through a Starbucks drive thru in LA. 

– Katrina Rotondo

One comment

  1. LA Starbucks Drive-Thrus are a unique challenge and fortune favors the late afternoon and late night crowd. We go consistently, every day since the lockdown began to the drive through Starbucks at the corner of Pico and Stewart in Santa Monica, to the point that the baristas know our order. It’s a sickness, really. But I like being a regular somewhere, given that we’re freelancers with no consistent people in our lives. Every time we go outside of 3-4p window or my after 8p occasional decaf iced Americano run, I regret it. The biggest challenge is not being able to turn into the driveway and feeling back about causing traffic to merge around our giant Ford Flex.

    But I need my fix.
    It’s more than daily routine. It’s a new habit. A kind of expensive one…

    Oop, looking up, I just discovered there’s time yet for a quick run.
    And there will be no waiting!


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