Tarantino Tuesday

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to write an admiration post for the best of the best – Quentin Tarantino. Not only are his action scenes edge-of-your-seat worthy, but his character development is second to none. I went to a reading he was doing for his new book where he actually said he has a whole other book written about his character Rick Dalton’s backstory because he wanted to know him inside and out. A. Whole. Book. Just for himself. For research. That’s amazing. 

Specifically, I’m going to talk about Kill Bill this week where we are introduced The Bride and the story behind the revenge she seeks. Almost immediately the 2-parter (but 1 film) saga is one satisfying confrontation of revenge after another. The film itself if an ode to Japanese Samurai and Chinese Kung Fu (I know this because I wrote a paper on him at UCLA, with blood splatter on my cover page and totally got an A) which is prevalent in every fight sequence. Guns are not used but swords are the star of the action. We get hand-to-hand combat, a training montage, Uma Thurman taking on the Crazy 88’s, a tutorial on how to survive being buried alive, and a perfect climax.  

Is there violence? Loads. Is there gore? Absolutely. But I think Tarantino does it in a way that is so over the top (in the perfect way) that it just adds amusement to the viewing experience. I also love seeing just what his characters will do next, because you never can guess. 

If you’re new to Quentin check it out, I insist. 

– Katrina Rotondo

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