I’m Free Fallin’ in Love

Free Guy! Go see it. The end. 

Just kidding, not the end, but go see it. I heard someone say recently “Ryan Reynolds is the same in every movie.” Yes, he is. He’s selling a brand. And apparently, I’m brand loyal. 

The story is a totally new concept. While it is a video game movie, and we’ve seen plenty of those, the take on this story is totally unique. And Reynolds plays the character with such amusement.

There may be a couple tiny plots holes, or at least – “I’m not sure that’s how that would work” moments. But it’s a fantasy-esque film and they can make up whatever rules they want. 

I was surprised to see some fun fight scenes too. Those were also unique because of the way the game within the film is made up. Different tools and powers could be enabled to create fighting scenes that were unexpected, entertaining, and a little bit Looney Tooney. 

There were also a few fun surprises sprinkled in the film. Biggest shout out to the creators who had the genius idea of integrating some cameos from real members in the gaming community. BIG marketing props for that one. 

The movie is fun. Reynolds is fun. And Taika Waititi is always fun too.  

– Katrina Rotondo

One response to “I’m Free Fallin’ in Love”

  1. Hi! When I saw the trailer and post, I remember “Ready Player one” and Pixels. As you said, the mixed concept of film and game is not rare recently. I haven’t watched Free guy, so your post really helps me! Thank you!


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