So, I watched 2 movies back to back last night because that’s what kind of weird I am. I first went to see Free Guy at the theaters, came home, and turned on The Losers on Netflix. Because of that, you’ll get two blog posts today! Let’s start with The Losers because it’s fresh in my mind.

I apologize for not coming up with a pun for this title, but it would have been too easy. And like Elle Woods, I prefer challenges. 

I’d say The Losers is pretty much “How to write a screenplay 101.” There were no real surprises, a lot of the “twists” were guessable and it’s not exactly satisfying. Now, I like a good underdog action flick as much as the next gal, if not more. Standard can be good, as long as it’s still fun. And while I didn’t hate it, I won’t be running out to watch it again. 

Seeing a young Chris Evans and Idris Elba is always nice, and I like Jeffery Dean Morgan. But the bad guy is bad for no reason, no depth to his character. And the team never has time to build up any real chemistry other than doing really stereotypy “manly” things together. Pair that with the paint-by-numbers story flow and underestimating the audience’s ability to grasp that we KNOW we’re not at the climax at the 40 min mark, you get a pretty “meh” movie.

But I will say Zoe Saldana is a badass no matter what. 

So, if you need a background movie you absolutely don’t need to pay attention to, go for it! 

– Katrina Rotondo

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