One really confusing sequel title later

So, THE Suicide Squad is the sequel to Suicide Squad. Which may just be the most confusing sequel title since The Fast and The Furious went Fast & Furious on us. No spoilers since the movie literally came out but I will say – 

I liked how this movie gave Harley Quinn the permission to actually kill people. I really liked Birds of Prey, except for that fact that they wouldn’t let her kill anyone. She’s a deranged psychopath, she kills people. Let her. And this movie did! Yay female power!

This movie also took the heavily criticized “half of the first movie is character introductions” comment seriously. The intros on characters in this one are very very speedy, which I appreciated. 

There were some good laughs and an adorable rat sidekick. But overall, after I got done watching I just kept thinking “what did I just watch?” It’s better than the first one, but that one didn’t have a very high bar. Probably won’t be checking this one out again but it had its moments? Cinematographly speaking, it’s beautiful.

– Katrina Rotondo 

2 responses to “One really confusing sequel title later”

  1. Gonna try to finish my homework and take this picture in yet tonight. I agree about giving Harley the permission to kill with reckless abandon. If Batman can kill in BvS, why can’t Harley is TSS? I actually preferred did enjoy the original Suicide Squad in spite of its warts. I would be super interested to see the fabled “Ayer cut”, and I was quite taken with El Diablo and Deadshot , and I love the complexity and depth that was given to Harley in the film. Margot Robbie is a delight and I love what she brings to this character.

    Thanks for the recommendation!


  2. I think if you go into this movie with the expectations that it will be just like the previous movie you’ll have much more enjoyable time. I also think they did a much better job at capturing the fact it isn’t called the “Suicide” Squad for nothing, characters should be killed off easily, which I think made for a good opening.


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