Snatched your style

While my preferred genre is action, each director/writer has their own style and I’m not going to love all of them. I adore people like Quentin Tarantino (obvs), David Leitch, Matthew Vaughn, etc. but we can’t love all styles. One highly acclaimed director that is not usually my jam is Guy Ritchie. 

Let me state this right off the bat, that he is a good a director and I recognize that. I do like his fight sequences but his film style is usually surrounded by a bit of confusion as he likes to hide the full picture. 

Take Snatch for instance. I love Statham, and Brad Pitt is perfect in his role. The action is good. But I felt like I kept missing key pieces of information along the way. Now, he might be like Nolan where you legitimately HAVE to re-watch his movie multiple times, and that’s okay! But where with Nolan I know I’m going to be confused because his topics are usually time bending concepts that require bit of imagination anyways, Ritchie’s storytelling is all over the place until the end when it all comes together. 

Do you love Ritchie films? Do you ever feel confused by them? Is that part of the fun?

– Katrina Rotondo

3 responses to “Snatched your style”

  1. Oh man. I agree with many of your posts, however on this one, I invite you to enjoy THE GENTLEMEN, which may be my favorite Guy Ritchie film. Multilayered, super fun, violent but very polished and just a blast. Quite differe


    • Different from Snatch, but equal parts style and substance. Matthew McM, Hugh Grant and Colin Farrell are at the height of their powers, and GR does a fantastic job keeping all the balls in the air. See it!


      • I have seen it! It’s good but same thing, it seemed a bit all over the place until the very end. Which I think is part of the fun for some folks. I truly adored Hugh Grant in that movie and the violence & style was top notch too, but I never watch one of his films and think “wow, I can’t wait to watch that again.”


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