Wishin’ I was a Protégé

Guys, I finally saw it, The Protégé. It looked intriguing to me from the first time I saw the trailer. Bad ass woman? Check. From one of the studios that brought us John Wick? Check. Samuel freaking Jackson? Check! 

It’s John Wick meets Atomic Blonde and ran into Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Maggie Q is downright hardcore and my new hero. There are a lot a great fights scenes and some pretty unique kill shots. I had a few laugh out loud moments, which probably says more about me, but I was thoroughly entertained the entire time. There were also compelling backstories that, while our “heroes” are assassins, made us root for them anyways. 

Keeping this one short to guarantee I don’t say that would detract from one ounce of the fun I had watching. But if you like the aforementioned films above, do yourself a favor and go see it!

– Katrina Rotondo

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